About Us

Sendsmiles stands for its name. Through paintings in all mediums, it is an attempt to capture the explicit beauty of nature and to artistically represent the stolen moments of life by portraying them through a colorful canvas! It is not only an endeavour to show-case my artwork but also a humble effort to reach out to connoseuirs of art. Enlarge your imaginations!

Personalized Art
Corporate calendars/ seasonal greetings/ Image buying
  • The paintings can be ordered as per your concepts.
  • A Beloved one's portrait,
  • A book Cover
  • A wedding album or a calendar.
  • A painting with a message.
  • Many creative ideas adhered here.
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Schedule an Art Class with me..

Are you looking for a new experience to have fun in the world of Art?

We are here to take you there! This is a great place to have fun with your friends, or meet new friends; you can relax and just let yourself unwind, or you may simply discover your inner Artist! Enjoy a peace of life as your art-instructor takes you step by step to creating an amazing painting of your own that you take home at the end of the session! Don't be surprised when people ask "Did you really paint that?" It's a blast and you'll be so surprised at how relaxing it is!! If you are looking for fun.... you just found it! It’s art as a party!

Graphic Design
designed with deep research and almost care in precision in
print and web applications.
designed with deep research and almost care in precision in
print and web applications.
A freelance Graphic Designer, (Post Graduated in Applied Arts, from highly reputed Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara, Gujarat) A thorough study and knowledge with cultivated skills and trained eyes to perfection through years of experience in Publication houses and advertising agencies in India and USA.

Thank you for having me visited here and looking forward to work with you.